We deliver our products around the following European countries:

  • Cyprus
  • Danmark (Denmark)
  • Eesti (Estonia)
  • España (Spain)
  • Ελλάδα (Greece)
  • Ireland
  • Latvija (Latvia)
  • Lietuva (Lithuania)
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Polska (Poland)
  • Portugal
  • România (Romania)
  • Slovenija (Slovenia)
  • Slovenská republika (Slovakia)
  • Sverige (Sweden)

Time periods for delivery (average according to country / destination)


- Europe using Correos Post service: 3 to 5 working days (Information provided by Correos Post Service).

- Portugal using Nacex: 24/48 hours.




- International: for loss or mislaying of the delivery: return of the ordinary paid fee (does not include certificate or insurance) plus 30 DEG (special giro rights) (2011: Spain: 1 SDR = €1,1341; max.: €3000 = 2645 SDR).

- Portugal using Nacex: full reimbursment because of the all risk insurance included in this service.


Payment Methods for International Shipments


For payment on international orders, our preferred methods of payment are:


- Credit/debit card (SSL secure layer)

- PayPal

- Bank Wire Transfer from your bank

- Cash On Delivery time (only for Portugal country using Nacex Courier service)


Shipping rates


- For European countries the sipping rates depends on the total order weigth and according this table (all prices VAT included):

from to cost
0g 50g 4,60€
51g 100g 5,30€
101g 500g 9,30€
501g 1000g 15,55€
1001g 2000g 23,10€

- For Portugal orders using Nacex Courier service the cost is fixed to 5€ to a maximum of 2 Kg.


International Return Policy


Exactly the same than our orders from Spain. You can see it here.